Centre for Research on Aquatic Resources

The Centre for Research on Aquatic Resources (CRAR) formally came into existence in March 2011. It evolved out of the research activities of the Microbial Biotechnology Unit of the Post Graduate and Research Department of Zoology of Sanatana Dharama College under the leadership of Dr. G. Nagendra Prabhu. Currently, Dr. Prabhu is the Principal Investigator of the Centre. The Centre has the following broad objectives:

  • To undertake research, consultancy and extension in areas related to the aquatic resources of Kerala, with special reference to Kuttanad region.
  • To undertake human resource development and produce skilled manpower to utilize the aquatic resources of the region.
  • To organize seminars, symposia, workshops, training programmes in the above focal themes.
  • To publish bulletins, newsletters, popular articles, proceedings, manuals and research publications in the area.
  • To collaborate with other regional/state/national/international research institutes, and organizations in areas of mutual interest.
  • To carry-out other activities that help to achieve the above objectives.